Cardiology solutions from TomTec are industry standard.
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We offer TomTec solutions that allow data to be accessible from just one single database- available as a standalone workstation, network or as a complete software integration. Diagnosis and monitoring of treatments, and template-based reporting, provide for quick reporting.



Standard for the medical industry, TomTec is a founding member of IHE Germany e.V. and Image-Arena uses DICOM and HL7 as the gold standard for cardiology.


Diagnose and monitor cardiac side effects during cancer treatment provide clinicians with reliable and reproducible decision-making data.


Reporting patient data, measurements and wall motion graphics are all transferred to template-based records, to provide quick readings for echocardiographic.

Cardiology features

One platform

One platform performs all the basic functions needed for working with clinical applications, importing and exporting data, selection of studies, image management, archival storage, automation processes, and connectivity to multiple devices.



Integrate Image-Arena as a stand alone workstation, a network or a complete system solution.


Easy archiving

Easy archiving is possible, with just one click to archive your valuable data.

Perfect fit

Perfect fit for all your cardiology facility needs, with the Image-Arena hardware or the software-only option.


Industry standard

Industry standard Image-Arena uses DICOM and HL7 for echocardiography data.





Efficient workflow optimization for one-off input of all patient data, which leads to faster results for patient and examiners.




Availability of diagnostic findings and pictures throughout your organization.




Profitable due to zero loss of any revenue as all exams are collected, reducing the need for implementation investment due to IHE standards.



TomTec Image Measurement



Measurement of toxicity can be easily viewed with highly automated, reliable and reproducible echocardiographic.




Integration is seamless into clinical workflows with markers to help detect subclinical myocardial deteriorations.



TomTec Image Reporting




Quick templates for TTE, TEE, Ergometric Stress and Pharma Stress make for fast and easy reporting.




Automatic electronic transfer of US measurement data for quick finding generation through block text inputs.




Report with individually modifiable and customizable templates.



Why our software is the best

  • It has been a true pleasure to work with SST for the past few years. They are always quick to respond to service tickets, usually within minutes of placing the emailed request. Also, great phone support with excellent communication between the customer and support. If we have any type of hardware that is not repairable, new equipment is supplied overnight and field support dispatched the same day. We have had great success using the CD burning software, QA module, and the DMC-EZ burning systems. I look forward to a long relationship with SST.
    HollyImaging Informatics - Hammond, LA
  • "The DMC-EZ software is one of the easiest to use and most powerful that we have found on the market today. The Virtual Media creator has reduced our expenses on overnight or courier costs since delivery of the urgent study requests happen in minutes, safely and securely. Also wanted to note that the support services provided by SST group have been outstanding."
    SteveDirector of Radiology - Florida
  • " We just purchased and installed our new CD burner from SST Group. We choose the DMC-EZ 550 for its printing speed. The installation, configuration was seamless and training our users was very straight forward due to the intuitive interface. We even came back with several changes to customize our labels and splash pages for the CD produced, and the support staff made these changes quickly to please our marketing department."
    JanDirector of Radiology - Utah
  • "We have been a customer of SST Group for over 5 years and the level of support they provide is above and beyond what the competitors in the same space have provided our facility. I would recommend SST Group and it products to any facility that is interested in the best in class product and support"
    Director of Radiology - Texas
  • We recently purchased two DMC-EZ models from SST Group. The installation and training that Ryan provided was very helpful and professional, he is a great asset to your team. We are looking forward to our working relationship going forward.
    LacyRadiology - Bay City, MI
  • I have actually had a great experience with not only Jayson but with Suzy, too. I have nothing but good things to say about SST Group. My facilities’ needs were addressed immediately and our device was replaced within 48 hours of learning that it has a non-functioning drive. We, with Grand Strand Health, focus primarily on patient care and it is apparent that you focus on customer care thus enabling us to provide uninterrupted service. I can’t say enough about SST.