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Patient / Caregiver

Patient / Caregiver

We offer patient / caregiver applications that can improve internal & external communications & track patient flow.



Connect to your patients quicker and more convenient than ever before.


Track, manage patient flows throughout your healthcare facility.


Secure sending of messages in multiple formats with full HIPAA compliance.


Help is never far; we support all our solutions to ensure that they continually provide the best performance.

Patient engagement features

2-way communication

2-way communication enables a patient or member response to your prompts through direct dialogue.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs with quick response texts to patient and caregiver; freeing up staff from time on the phone, saving $2 – 4 per call.

Improve outcomes

Improve outcomes throughout patient cycle by increasing touch points, efficiently delivers preventative and ongoing care information.

Enhanced patient care

Enhanced patient care through suitable communication channels with relevant reminders, information, and prompts for patients.




Increase revenue

Increase revenue by reducing “no shows”, “no go’s”, and cancellations to drive greater compliance and protocols.



Proven ROI

Proven ROI of an average 3-5 times.



Simple connection

Simple connection allows you to reach your patients whenever and wherever with text message communication.



Patient tracking features

Increase flow

Increase flow with patient tracking to find problem areas and improve patient care.


Customization of full dashboard capabilities to help user and staff needs and preferences.


Scaleable solution for facilities big and small.




Easy compliance

Easy compliance with all systems and packages becoming HIPAA compliance.



Complete reporting

Complete repoting with robust packages to analyze the entire patient process.



Manage workflow

Manage workflow of patients easier than ever before, decreasing wait times, enhancing patient visits.



Secure messaging features

Multi-channel security

Multi-channel security with secure SMS/text messaging, 2-way multi-channel paging, interactive text messaging, voice calls, and email.

Remote control

Remote control allows administrators to control device wiping, inactivity time-outs, lifespan control, and geo-fencing from anywhere.

Encryption keys

Encryption keys create two-factor personal authentication and encryption for delivery with unique dynamic keys.

Send anytime

Send anytime via secondary control channels for redundancy and fail-over data receivable in “dead spots” delivery.

CellTrust Secure SMS



Install any

Install on any smart mobile device adding CellTrust for instant HIPAA compliance.



Eliminate unneeded

Eliminate unneeded actions for doctors to access networks, use answering services and call-backs.



Remove obstacles

Remove obstacles for security, burdens of multiple pagers and obsolete legacy technology.



Why our software is the best

  • "We have been a customer of SST Group for over 10 years and the level of support they provide is above and beyond what the competitors in the same space have provided our facility. I would recommend SST Group and it products to any facility that is interested in the best in class product and support"
    KimDirector of Radiology - Texas
  • It has been a true pleasure to work with SST for the past few years. They are always quick to respond to service tickets, usually within minutes of placing the emailed request. Also, great phone support with excellent communication between the customer and support. If we have any type of hardware that is not repairable, new equipment is supplied overnight and field support dispatched the same day. We have had great success using the CD burning software, QA module, and the DMC-EZ burning systems. I look forward to a long relationship with SST.
    HollyImaging Informatics - Hammond, LA
  • SST Support is second to none.  Achilles and the whole crew are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.  When putting in a request for support, they always seem to get to it quickly and fix the issue.  Note:  The product itself is quite reliable so we can go months or even years without needing support. But when we need it, it is reassuring to know that this SST stands behind their product.
    ChadPACS Administrator, SD
  • "The DMC-EZ software is one of the easiest to use and most powerful that we have found on the market today. The Virtual Media creator has reduced our expenses on overnight or courier costs since delivery of the urgent study requests happen in minutes, safely and securely. Also wanted to note that the support services provided by SST group have been outstanding."
    SteveDirector of Radiology - Florida
  • We recently purchased two DMC-EZ models from SST Group. The installation and training that Ryan provided was very helpful and professional, he is a great asset to your team. We are looking forward to our working relationship going forward.
    LacyRadiology - Bay City, MI
  • I just want to thank SST Support for the very quick response and troubleshooting support I received. We’re very happy with SST Groups DMC-EZ Software. It works Great!
    MikeRadiology, NY