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Vidar CADPRO® Advantage Mammo Bundle

Vidar CADPRO® Advantage Mammo Bundle

CADPRO® Advantage w/Smart Feeder XL

  • • Provides ability to quickly digitize film-based prior studies when coupled with appropriate software.
  • • Unmatched spatial and contrast resolution, ensuring the image data received from the film digitizer is an exact representation of the original film.
  • • Digitize a four-film study in 93 seconds, 30% faster than previous versions, further increasing productivity.
  • • Prior studies are correctly displayed on the reporting workstation alongside the newly acquired digital mammography study
  • • The SmartFeeder XL is designed for continuous case loading, allowing the user to add cases during the digitizing process.
  • • Includes a modular 50-sheet feeder which eliminates film jams, double feeds, and film pick-up problems.
  • • Improves productivity and workflow
  • • World-class reliability, service and support
  • • Automatic Digitizer Calibration (ADC) prompts the film digitizer to calibrate automatically before every film digitized without user intervention.

The CAD PRO® Advantage film digitizer is specifically designed for mammography CAD. CAD systems incorporate advanced pattern recognition and image analysis, requiring a film digitizer that meets the highest standards of image quality and reliability. These advanced systems enable radiologists to improve their ability to detect early stage cancers in an efficient manner. The CAD PRO Advantage is an ideal fit for mammography facilities transitioning to digital technology.

In order to read a new mammography study, Radiologists and mammographers may require up to two years of prior studies. The ongoing transition to digital technology in mammography has forced radiologists to view both film-based priors and new digital images for the same returning patient read, until now.

Weight 1 lbs

85~264 Vac, 47~63 Hz


50º to 95º F (10º to 35º C), 20% to 85%


19” W x 21.25” D x 25.5” H (483 mm x 540 mm x 648 mm), 47 lbs. (21 kg)

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