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TomTec Image-Arena™

TomTec Image-Arena™

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Image Arena CPACS/CVIS Solutions

  • • Multimodality - solutions for all cardiac imaging modalities (Echo, Vascular, MR1)
  • • Vendor Independent - imports images and measurements from various vendors
  • • 2D / 3D / 4D Analysis - provides comprehensive portfolio of clinical and advanced applications
  • • Workflow Integration - seamless integration and connectivity to existing PACS, HIS, CPACS and CVIS
  • • Future Proof - scalable system to grow with increasing requirements

Image-Arena™ is the multimodality platform for Image Analysis, Review and Data Management. Image-Arena™ is the basic module for a variety of different clinical application packages (CAPs). ImageArena™ can be equipped with exactly the CAPs that fit your individual requirements. All the echo data (Images, Measurements, Reports etc.) are accessible from just one single database. Image-Arena™ is available as a stand alone workstation, as a network or a complete integration.


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