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TomTec Imaging Reporting

TomTec Imaging Reporting

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Template Based Reporting

  • • Quick and easy reporting
  • • Templates for TTE, TEE, Ergometric Stress and Pharma Stress
  • • Automatic transfer of US measurement data
  • • Quick findings generation through text block inputs
  • • “What you see is what you get”
  • • Report individually modifiable
  • • Customizable templates
  • • Reporting Server (small_ < 10 clients)
  • • Reporting Server (mid_ 11-30 clients)
  • • Reporting Server (large_ > 30 clients)
  • • Reporting Hosting Service
  • • Reporting Client

Template based reporting provides all features for quick echo cardiographic reporting. Patient data, measurements and wall motion graphics are automatically transferred to the report. Pre-defined text modules – further accelerate completion and images can be added to the report if necessary. Final layout is visible during report creation.


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