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  • • Reduce “no shows” and cancellations
  • • Decrease "no go’s," i.e., procedures canceled due to non-compliance
  • • Drive greater compliance and adherence to clinical protocols
  • • Free up staff from time on the phone
  • • Respond quickly to patient and caregiver communication
  • • Replace telephone calls with more effective texting of results, care coordination, patient education materials. Average savings of $2-4 per saved call.
  • • Increase patient touch points for improved health outcomes
  • • Improve engagement throughout the patient care cycle
  • • Effectively delivers preventative and ongoing care information
  • • Convenient two-way communication channel
  • • Relevant reminders, info, and prompts delivered to the patient when they need it and where they want it
  • • Access to additional resources – at their fingertips
  • • Average return of 3-5 times investment

2-Way Communication – 90% of all text messages are read in less than 3 minutes. When a person receives a text message, their automatic response is to respond. With most automated messaging systems, this is simply not possible, so there is a communication breakdown that can be very frustrating for the recipient. Our solution, however, enables a patient or member response to your prompts. This is dialogue and can be used to increase your revenue by prompting compliance and reducing no-shows with appointment reminders. Hospital XYZ currently has a 12.50% (no show/non prepped) patient rate across all modalities. Based on this no show rate, the hospital is losing in excess of $200,000 in revenue each month. The mConnect platform has been shown to cut the (no show/no prepped) rate by 20-70% consistently depending on the facility. Hospital XYZ feels mConnect can cut its no shows in excess of 40% per month. Site would realize an $80, 000 increase in monthly revenue. mConnect will partner with the site on an at risk basis. If mConnect does not deliver results, the hospital does not pay.



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