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Medevex Orion HD Recorder

Medevex Orion HD Recorder

Medevex Orion HD

  • • More detailed captures thanks to HD video images compressed in MPEG-2 with HD Video Quality.
  • • HD Quality and detailed videos as well as Still Frames will allow you analyze outside the Operating Room the recorded interventions for communication and/or teaching purposes.
  • • 3 Recording modes are available depending on your choice of Quality versus File Size.
  • • Orion HD is easy to use thanks to its touch screen Front Panel features with standard Play, Record, Capture and Pause buttons.
  • • Orion HD Supports the rewritable DVD-Video mode which allows you to use standard DVD+RW discs.
  • • The DVD+RW standard is common to most Home DVD-Video players and will play back in all Computer Readers. This format offers the best quality possible and extended recording time (up to 60 minutes of HD Video).
  • • Orion HD is built around a Robust Chassis with Medical Grade Power supply, designed for intensive usage in Medical Environment.

Save and Share Your Experience

Orion HD saves and stores your Digital Video as well as your Still Frame Captures of EYE SURGERY procedures on DVD-Video and on USB devices. Choose to record on any USB device OR directly onto standard DVD+RW discs. Shoot both high-quality video as well as capture still frames with ease. Familiar play, record, capture, pause make it incredibly easy to use.


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