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Sony LMD-DM30 Display

Sony LMD-DM30 Display


  • • 3MP 20.8" Diagnostic display with a pixel pitch of 207 μm
  • • Ideal for CR, DR, CT, MRI, and Ultrasound
  • • Ideal for Mammography when Independent Sub-pixel Drive is used
  • • Advanced image quality with less degradation
  • • Viewing Angle: 170°/170°
  • • Pivot function for fast drawing in portrait orientation
  • • Automatic detection of LCD panel orientation by gravitation sensor
  • • Remote grayscale check and remote calibration functions
  • • 5 Year Advanced Exchange Program (AE Program)
  • • 48-hour turnaround on replacement product

The LMD-DM30 is a 3MP diagnostics display with high resolution designed for accurate display of monochrome images such as CR, DR, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography and Ultrasound. the LMD-DM30 is an ideal choice for outpatient imaging centers, hospital radiology department PACS, including CR and DR.

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