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We will be exhibiting at RSNA 2018 Booth 8300.

SST Group, Inc. will showcase the following products:

RDM (Radiation Dose Monitor), is a software solution to collect, control, analyze and optimize doses delivered to patients. It is an essential tool for reducing dose. For patient health and safety, it is imperative for facilities to track all diagnostic, interventional and image-guided surgical ionizing events for its patient population. Ask us about Peak Skin Dose

DMC-EZ Hybrid e400, is the next generation in DICOM image distribution systems. It is an innovative, multi-function appliance designed to give healthcare facilities the ability to deliver DICOM images in a multitude of formats. From hard copy DICOM CD/DVDs to secure electronic delivery of images with a viewer, the DMC-EZ Hybrid e400 addresses all of your DICOM image distribution needs.


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