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DMC-EZ DICOM Light box

DMC-EZ DICOM Light box


  • • High Performance, all-in-one PC and monitor
  • • Intuitive user interface and touch screen
  • • Advanced Search capabilities allow the physician to easily find studies for a particular patient
  • • A history of prior examinations can be stored on the local for quick access to any of these exams
  • • Compatible with all DICOM modalities
  • • Supports DICOM Query/Retrieve
  • • EzDicom Sender software is supplied with the DMC-EZ DICOM Light Box.
  • • Supports all DICOM modalities
  • • Predefined window presets can be set up and modified at any time
  • • Window and display of the Study(s) is fully configurable
  • • Large range of measurement and annotation reference tools are available
  • • Automatic presentation of patient's previous studies
  • Automated comparative display of multiple exams based on the positioning of the image

With the DMC-EZ DICOM Light Box, digital medical images are now available for review in a simple and efficient design for use in the operating room. Designed with tactile ergonomics in mind, the DMC-EZ DICOM Light Box is a vital reference tool during surgery.

With only a few clicks the user can access patient images for reference purposes. Patient studies on PACS, are instantly available. Patient images from an outside facility (on CD), can be quickly loaded onto the DMC-EZ DICOM Light Box.


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