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Dose&Care® is a software application which integrates in the imaging center workflow. It records and presents X-ray exposure data and provides a set of tools to document and analyze this information. Dose&Care® is intended for use by medical imaging and diagnostic health professionals, in particular by radiologists, radiographers, physicians, medical physicists and radiology directors

The application can be connected to the facilties imaging informatics environment (including PACS, RIS, HIS, etc.), imaging devices and accessories (scanners, X-ray tables, interventional tables, etc.) using DICOM and HL7 communication standards.

Dose&Care® centralizes the data to provide a history of the X-ray dose for each patient and displays it graphically and numerically, in the form of effective dose, DLP, CTDI, CTDIvol, SSDE, DAP, Air Kerma, Glandular dose, organ dose and peak skin dose.



Connect, export and transfer screen data and dose reports to HIS, RIS, PACS, PDF and Excel format.


Track with real-time monitoring that allows for advance alerts based on national and local diagnostic reference levels(DRL)as well as email alerts.


All collected dose information is archived using DACS, which stores and centrally manages ionized radiation doses for your facility.


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Dose Archiving and Communication System (DACS) is a dose data archiving and central management technology which provides convenient access, to all collected information during ionizing radiation doses which patients are exposed during medical imaging examinations, interventional procedures and image-guided surgery

Dose monitoring features


Collect and manage ionizing dosage from your patients imaging exams, interventional and image-guided surgeries.


Control, adjust and monitor aspects of your patient dosage cycle and radiation levels.


Analyze in full, the radiation data of every patient dose.


Optimize and assess radiation dose cycle from a individual exam to procedures across multiple devices as well as multiple institutions.

Dose&Care – Screen Shots


Stay in control

Stay in control of real-time dose monitoring information related to patients, examinations, and acquisitions. Multi-criteria searches by institution, protocol, procedure, equipment, period, user ID and filters help instantly order and manage high-risk patients. Custom creation of search filters like population type (women of childbearing age, children by age, weight, etc.) can easily re-evaluate the CTDI (Computed Tomography Dose Index) according to the patient’s morphology SSDE (Size Specific Dose Estimates).

Improve your practice

Improve your practice with easy display of advanced statistical analysis of dose data values. Identify anomalies with the ability to monitor the distribution of doses, and further, refine searches according to the type of examination to improve procedures and protocols.

Share information

Share information with easily exportable screen data and dose analysis reports, using Excel and PDF formats as well as an automatic transfer of reports to HIS, RIS, PACS, etc. The custom calling of data collected from your IT systems (HIS, RIS, PACS), automatic email alerts and collections of DRLs and automatic transmission to local, state or federal authorities.