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DMC-EZ Web Portal

DMC-EZ Web Portal

DMC-EZ DICOM Web Portal 

View your patient images in minute not days 

  • • DICOM access 24/7
  • • Built in Web Viewer (Windows)
  • • Adjustable and intelligent DICOM compression (using JPEG 2000 wavelet)
  • • Customizable access based on users and groups
  • • Report access and creation
  • •Complete logging of access sessions and actions
  • • Integration available with your Patient Portal
  • • Fully functional DICOM viewer
  • • Multi language support

With DMC-EZ DICOM Web Portal you virtually eliminate access boundaries by delivering anywhere/anytime access to your digital images with your own private cloud. The DMC-EZ DICOM Web Portal is easy to implement and provides secure/affordable access to studies and reports. Referring Physicians can remotely access DMC-EZ DICOM Web Portal with a secure login; they can then view their patient’s images and reports. All communications are encrypted providing HIPAA compliant communications of PHI.

The web based DMC-EZ DICOM Web Portal provides a portal to your PACS/DICOM information without any modification to your PACS server software. This portal is self-hosted at your facility and can provide referring physicians, patients and other authorized users access to DICOM images via any windows based browser. This gives your facility complete control over your DMC-EZ DICOM Web Portal. Once connected, users have access to the studies based on customizable rules that your institution sets up and controls. Adjustable and intelligent compression allows the users to view lossless to lossy images depending on how fast they want the images to stream over the secure connection.


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