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Best of Both Worlds – CD/DVD and Cloud DICOM Distribution

Best of Both Worlds – CD/DVD and Cloud DICOM Distribution

SST Group’s DMC-EZ Hybrid e400One solution that provides CD/DVD and Cloud Delivery. 

CD and DVD Production:
Utilizing the Epson PP100ii which is a high performance dual CD/DVD recorder inkjet desktop disc publishing system with vibrant six-color inkjet printer and precision AcuGrip™ technology , automated robotic print and CD/DVD recording.

Virtual Media Distribution
Simple, fast and secure method to get DICOM images to your patients, referring physicians and other facilities. There are no per study fee’s, no special sign-up or accounts to setup. By selecting the study(s), entering an email address and pressing “OK” your facility can send and store up to 400 (1 GB) studies in the cloud at any given time. Each with it’s own expiration date. No management of the cloud based data is required. Recipient receives an email with a download path to obtain the secure package. The key which is generated at the time of the job would be released based on your facilities rules for release of PHI. (Virtual media supports Windows®7, 8+, 10)



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