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Why radiation dose monitoring matters

Why radiation dose monitoring matters

As the number of companies that have or are developing dose monitoring solutions continue to grow all over the world. Health Care officials are starting to realize that setting up and collecting data in of itself is not the final solution but the first step toward a better overall level of patient care. That future level of patient care where every patient gets the right exam at the right dosage that best addresses his or her condition. It is not just shooting for the lowest dose overall, but the right dose at the right time. It is collecting all dosage data, controlling current dosage levels, analyzing that data and optimizing dosage delivered to the patient. Facility leaders will be on the look out for a solution that can not just do one or two steps, but a solution that can do all of them under one application, that type of solution will save time, budgets and most important, patients. “Data is where you start, but in order to make anything happen you have to have the right analytics, the drive from facility leadership to make dose management a top priority and the right processes to make it happen,” says Dr. Miller, senior medical physicist with GE Healthcare’s Global Dose and Education Services. (GEreports, “Why Monitoring Patient Xray Exposure Matters”.)

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